Il Piatto Piacere Modena

Il Piatto Piacere Modena

A collaborative project for the promotion of Modenese gastronomic culture.

The exhibition "Il Piatto Piacere Modena" aims to highlight the results of a large and ambitious project to promote the typical products, the region and the restaurants of Modena. Together with the students of IIS Adolfo Venturi, Modena's historic art institute, they aimed to put Modena on a plate.

Starting from the briefs of the external tutors, the restaurateurs and Piacere Modena, as many as 96 plate designs were produced, designed to accommodate traditional Modenese recipes. The students' works were then selected by both a technical and an institutional jury, and finally the 23 finalist projects were produced by the ceramics design class. The 4 winning plates were made by 3MC ceramics of Vignola, in the province of Modena. So, by visiting the exhibition, we can admire the result of the students' great creative work and also appreciate all the design and study phases which led up to the final work.

The exhibition "Il Piatto Piacere Modena" was held from 7th December 2022 to 5th February 2023 at the Roman Lapidarium in the Modena Civic Museum, every day from 10am to 7pm with free admission.

Il Piatto PiacereModena




The Piatto Piacere Modena logo

Il Piatto Piacere Modena

The students of the Adolfo Venturi Institute were not only involved in the design and creation of the dishes. They were also entrusted with creating the communication materials for the exhibition, as well as designing the logo. For this activity, the students were supported by "Intersezione", a Modenese communication agency which gave them the initial brief and followed them step by step until the final selection of the winning logo.

This is the judgement awarded to the winning project:

The logo selected combines elegance, authority and freshness; identifying 'Il Piatto Piacere Modena' in the dot above the letter 'i' and recalling the 'Piacere Modena' brand through its characteristic smile, which we can see on the wine glass in the institutional logo. Moreover, continuity and coexistence with the 'Piacere Modena' brand are ensured by the choice of colours applied to the main logo and the proposed variations.